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I am looking for an original Southend Corporation Transport Setright SMB Mk1 machine, in good original condition, full working order and preferably complete with original box.


In exchange I am offering a London Transport (later LCBS) Setright, one of the original 1953/54 machines used on Green Line Coaches. This is in very good, fully operational condition and has it's correct box.


If anybody can help please post your contact details here or phone Simon on 07941 215438.

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Can't help you Horace / Simon, I'm afraid.  I do have two MkI's from Southend - an early one, and one of the later A-serial ones, in fact I think the last one.  But one thing I;ve never seen is an original box - the Setrights replaced TIMs, and they used the TIM boxes for the Setrights, but cut a hole in the side for the roll magazine.  Not sure what happened to them. :(

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Currently one on e-bay for sale:




or item number :190349777739


I have been looking for this thread for ages as I recalled somone asking about one, when I was searching e-bay for bits.

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The Setright on e bay at the moment was supplied to the seller by myself in 05,i remember purchasing it along with some other bits from a ex S.C.T employee and it was a fair machine as most S.C.T Mk1s i have seen have been heavily worn.


I also have a Standard  S.C.T T.I.M (no box)these machines were replaced by the Mk1 Setrights in 1954,the crews i remember in the 70s had a mixed bunch of Setright boxes some metal some fibre.I recently purchased a ex S.C.T Almex A that was used on the RM operations and that came with a old fibre box with a the later style southend Transport sticker on it,but the box is much older and has the number 111 on the side and what looks like the clasp from a old T.I.M strap riveted to the box and the clasp acts as a lock,this may have been a old  S.C.T T.I.M box.in later years Southend purchased some second hand  Mk11 long range Setrights via K Edmondson ,these had new front casing covers engraved with Southend Transport and i have uploaded a picture of one of these machines to the Setright section which was numbered R01.coincidentally some of the first pre war T.I.Ms were numbered Rxx

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Thanks to DVG452 for the ebay lead and to Joe for the further specific information.

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