RE INK A GIBSON TICKET MACHINE RE INK A GIBSON TICKET MACHINE GIBSON A14 TICKET MACHINE Many LONDON TRANSPORT Gibson ticket machines printed over 5 million tickets in their service life,and a Gibson would have been opened and re inked over 100 times ,They served LONDON TRANSPORT for nearly 40 years,with over 650 components they are a truly superb ticket machine.A credit to LONDON TRANSPORT and the designer GEORGE GIBSON(LONDON TRANSPORT TICKET MACHINE SUPERINTENDENT)Some machines may be fitted with normal screws so there is no drilling process required,but most Gibsons will be fitted with the correct tamper proof shear screws 27209551 Re ink your Gibson machine. Opening a Gibson is straight foward,you will need experience using a drill.Read the instructions through ,if you need any help or info just e mail the site,The machine will need to be gripped whilst drilling,so make sure the machine is safely secured whilst drilling. 27209552 Fare dial shear screw removal. YOU WILL NEED A DRILL AND 2MM DRILL BIT,Make sure you drill in a straight line,and drill in stages ,so you can check depth etc ,drill down approx 1.5 mm, Take your time and make sure you do not drill the edges out of the shear screw as these are needed for grip to twist the screw anti clock wise. 27209553 Drilling out the fare dial shear screw. Make sure your machine is correctly secured before you start drilling you can firmly grip the machine with your left arm and drill with your right,Sit the drill bit (2mm) dead centre on the shear screw and slowly drill to make a guide for the drill bit to follow then slowly increase pressure drill the hole to 1.5mm. 27209554 Drill in a nice straight line,until you get to 1.5 mm depth,insert screwdriver etc,into the drilled hole until nice and tight then unscrew anti clockwise. 27209555 If you intend to open Gibsons on a regular basis you can make your own special tool from a pointed needle file,just ground down the end of the file until it has a flat end of approx 1.8mm ,this fits very tight in to the 2mm hole made by the drill bit and turns the screws with ease, 27209556 Shear screw cleanly removed from fare dial. This is what you want a nice clean extraction with out any damage to the alloy cap,pull of the cap and then fare dial. 27209557 REMOVAL FARE DIAL The fare dial may be stiff ,due to the chaps at L.T placing a small piece of ticket on the shaft to take any play out of the fare dial,try to do the same if you can. 27209558 REMOVAL SIDE CASE Remove both screws,the side case is now ready to be removed 27209559 Remove side casing. Hold the machine tight and pull of the side case,a bit of maneuvering may be required, 27209568 Rear screw removal. The 2 shear screws in the bottom/ middle of the machine need to be removed ,these screws hold the front plate to the rear of the machine ,and need to be removed before the front plate can be removed. 27209569 Rear screw removal Use a 2mm drill bit,and drill down approx 1.5mm. 27209570 Screw extraction a standard screwdriver with a edge less than 2mm can be used to remove screws,you may have to angle the screwdriver to get grip/bite 27209560 Front plate removal. Once the screws have been removed the front plate is now ready to slide off the machine 27209561 FRONT PLATE REMOVAL The front plate needs to be removed to access the ink roller and is secured by a long screw seen in centre of picture,this ia a tricky little screw and needs to be made loose but not completely removed 27209571 FRONT PLATE REMOVAL Turn screw anti clock wise, make sure you use a decent strong screwdriver . 27209562 FRONT PLATE REMOVAL Slide off front plate but leave screw in position shown for the re fitting of front plate you cannot completly take out the long screw,as it will catch on the fare wheel 27209563 SLIDING OFF THE FRONT CASING Once the rear shear screws have been removed then slide off the casing to the left hand side as in picture, the front plate will not come off straight as the long screw is in the way ,it needs to slide on and off the machine as illustrated 27209564 ACCESSING THE INK ROLLER ONCE FRONT PLATE HAS BEEN REMOVED,POSITION THE MACHINE AS IN PHOTO,MAKE SURE THE MACHINE IS SECURE BEFORE RE INKING 27209572 PROP THE MACHINE UP AT A ANGLE PROP THE MACHINE SO WHEN RE INKING THE ROLLER YOU CAN SEE THE ROLLER BEING INKED CORRECTLY AND FOR INSPECTION OF MECHINISMS FOR LIGHT LUBRICATION 27209585 APPLY OIL BASED INK TO MACHINE ROLLER Apply ink to the roller with a small paint brush,apply the ink evenly to the roller turn roller with brush to make sure cpmplete cover of roller this will need to be done a few times,it is advised not to issue a ticket for a good few hours ,WHILST YOU HAVE THE MACHINE IN THIS POSITION YOU CAN LUBRICATE THE MACHINE ,DO NOT OVER OIL,VERY LIGHTLY APPLY OIL TO MECHINISMS DO NOT OIL THE CLOCKS ON THE FARE WHEEL MECHINISMS,AND YOU CAN ALSO CLEAN PRINT FACE WITH WD40 AND A TOOTH BRUSH ,BE CAREFULL NOT TO GET ANY OIL ETC NEAR THE ROLLER AS THIS WILL SMUDGE TICKETS 27209586 RE ASSEMBLE THE MACHINE HERE ARE THE REPLACEMENT SHEAR SCREWS THAT NEED TO BE RE FITTED,THEY JUST SCREW IN LIKE NORMAL SCREWS,THIS SITE IS ALWAYS AVALIABLE FOR HELP AND ADVICE 27209587 SLIDING THE TOP PLATE BACK IN PLACE YOU HAVE TO SLIDE THE FRONT PLATE BACK OVER THE LONG SCREW SHOWN ,AND THEN SECURE,IF YOU ARE NOT USE TO THIS THEN IT CAN TAKE A FEW ATTEMPTS BUT YOU WILL GET THERE IN THE END 27209588 LONG FRONT SCREW HERE WE CAN SEE THE LONG FRONT SCREW AND THE TOP OF THE FRONT PLATE,THE FRONT PLATE SLIDES ON TO THE LONG SCREW WHICH SLIDES THROUGH THE HOLE(JUST BELOW FARE WHEEL IN PICTURE) AND MUST LINE UP WITH THE THREAD ON THE OTHER SIDE ,AS DISCRIBED IN THE NEXT 2 PICTURES 27209573 RE SECURING FRONT PLATE WITH LONG TOP SCREW This is the most difficult part of the process and requires patience and accuracy as the front plate needs sliding back with the long screw lined up with the thread shown and needs to be lined up from the other side this can be a bit hit and miss,but you will find the thread after a few attempts 27209589 SECURE FRINT PLATE WITH LONG TOP SCREW When the long top screw has been aligned correctly It will screw in neatly as shown once this is done the front plate top is secure and the rear shear screws now need fitting. 27209574 RE FITTING FRONT PLATE Once the top long front screw is fitted correctly you can then re fit rear of front plate as in picture. 27209590 RE FITTING FRONT PLATE Fix shear screw until heads snap off ,the front plate is now correctly fitted. 27209575 RE ASSEMBLE FARE WHEEL re assemble fare wheel,fit shear screw and snap off, the machine is fully reassembled and will print approx 10,000 tickets,make sure to give your machine a good clean with a cloth 27209591 SHEAR SCREWS Gibson shear screws are designed to snap at the correct torque,and are available via the "ticket machine services" page in the index listings on this site 27209592 27209576 27209593 27209577 27209594