SETRIGHT TICKET MACHINES SETRIGHT TICKET MACHINES 32629360 TM 04 Setright S.M.A This Setright S.M.A machine remains unidentified,any thoughts to the machines origin ?. Many thanks to Allan T Condie. for this picture 40164812 Sunderland short range Mk1 40051620 SOUTHEND CORPORATION SETRIGHT Part of a batch of 150 supplied in 1954 27209633 EASTBOURNE SHORT RANGE Mk 1 These machines had a max fare range of 24p 28207609 BATH TRAMWAYS SETRIGHT THESE MACHINES WERE LATER TRANSFERED TO BRISTOL OMNIBUS CO 27209634 ULSTER SETRIGHT ULSTER MACHINES SAW SERVICE ALL OVER THE U.K ONCE WITHDRAWN FROM U.T.A,THESE SETRIGHTS HAD STAGE NUMBERS THAT WENT UP TO 120,UNUSUAL AS MOST MK1 ONLY WENT AS HIGH AS 99 27209622 WESTERN NATIONAL SETRIGHT Mk1 27209635 Mk 11e SETRIGHT Slightly bigger and heavier,than the Mk1 27209624 UNITED AUTOMOBILE Mk11 SETRIGHT 27209636 SHORT RANGE LEVER DIAL MOST MACHINES WITH THIS FARE DIAL SET UP WERE LATER CONVERTED TO STANDARD Mk 1 DIAL SET UP 27209646 LONG RANGE FARE DIAL CONVERSION MANY Mk 1 MACHINES WERE CONVERTED TO LONG RANGE ,BY CHANGING THE PRINT WHEEL AND FARE DIALS ALLOWING THE MACHINE TO PRINT UP TO £19.95p 27209647 FARE DIAL Mk11e Designed mainly for the Scottish Bus Group.These machine had a treble fare dial and max fare of £9.99p.the Mk11e had many nylon parts in the internal mechanisms,which made them not as reliable as the Mk 1 27209645 28429964 LONDON TRANSPORT SETRIGHT From a batch delivered in 1954 27209638 4 DIGIT SERIAL NUMBER 4 DIGIT SERIAL NUMBERS ON SMB SETRIGHTS ARE VERY HARD TO FIND,THIS MACHINE WAS NEW TO E.N.O.C, WESTCLIFF ON SEA MOTOR SERVICES HAD SOME OF THE VERY FIRST S.M.B MACHINES IN 1948 27209653 1949 E.N.O.C. SMB 27209654 SOUTHDOWN TICKET THESE SOUTHDOWN MACHINES PRINTED THE STAGE NUMBERS IN TEXT RATHER THAN NUMBERS 27209655 SAMUEL LEDGARD MK1 27209640 28207587 28212973 Grahams Bus Services 28212989 SETRIGHT INSERT L.R.D MACHINE THESE MACHINES WERE PRIOR THE LATER MK 1 S.M.B MACHINES AND REQUIRED THE CONDUCTOR TO INSERT A TICKET AND THEN TURN THE HANDLE THEN THE TICKET WAS STAMPED 27209649 INSERT L.R.D MACHINE THIS MACHINE WAS USED FOR MANY YEARS BY A SMALL NORTHAMPTON BUS CO 27209651 28207608 PRE WAR L.R.D MACHINE Pre war machine with post war handle. 27209639 27525485 27525486 27525487 28210850 KEMP BROS Setright instructions Many thanks to Chris Jenner for kindly sending in these documents 28210849 28212574 28210835 28212590 28210851 28212591 32627605 32627606 32628701 32628703 32628702 32627607 32628704 32628705 32628706 32629361 Setright L.R.D Note the the ticket insert. Many thanks to Allan T Condie for this picture. 40165860 32630010 Early S.M.B Laterly fitted with ticket slot. Many thanks to Allan T Condie. for this picture 40165861 L.R.D Note the fare dial. Many thanks to Allan T Condie for this picture 40165862 Mk11e 40166254 Sunderland short range 40166255 41701827 Eastern National E430 E430, serial no 9727, supplied to ENOC in 1949. Fitted for motor drive operation at some time but now restored to earlier conditon with fixed handle. 47272330 Southern Vectis MK 2 No: SV 566 We still use these machines for a number of applications and are always looking to re-acquire our own machines 48557543 Southern Vectis MK 1 No: SV 299 48558748 Sureline machine No: S5 48719897 1930/1 Setright insert S.RD Many thanks to Allan T Condie. for this picture. 40164811 S.RD This example is a extended variant and is wider than the previously illustrated S.RD machine to accommodate more cash counters. 58833000 S.RD Interior of extended S.RD 58833001 Westcliff Motor Services This W.M.S machine retained its original ticket canceller and front plate,transferred to U.C.O.C in the late sixties after approx 16 years service with E.N.O.C (Who absorbed W.M.S) withdrawn from U.C.O.C in the early 1980s . 58833472 Southend Transport second hand Mk 11 59269892 Machine No: B17 Origins of this MK II are unknown Class lever says M, A, C, S, R, E, & T but prints AA etc. Has the same modification as the Ulsterbus machine. Who did the mods? 63373066 Northern General MK II machine No: OOU Rebuilt from a total wreck, it goes up in 1p increments to 1:99. Stage wheels go up to 12 on top wheel and 1 to 10 plus IN & OUT on bottom wheel. 63373658 Sheffield Transport MKII machine No: 397 Cleaned up and replaced a few parts. Has dog fitted for motor box operation. 66022007 MKII machine No: CP9. According to Allan Condie this machine worked on car parks for Eastbourne Council and was modified by Jack Yaxley. The holes for the cancelling punch have been professionally filled. It is a low value machine from 0.00 to 1.15. Have fitted some new parts and cleaned it up. Note the one piece value dial. 66764605 Ex Windermere Ferry Setright SY425 Ex Windermere Ferry Speed Setright SY425, retired in the 1990's. 72297810 Ex Windermere Ferry Setright SY425 Ex Windermere Ferry Speed Setright SY425, pretending to be a Hants & Dorset sibling in the company of my Late father's South eastern traffic area PSV Drivers badge and a 1960 H&D Operating Staff rule book. 72297811 81121746 Motor drive unit. Drivers preferred this big button type,rather than the push button units,as pictured previously. 81121747 Westcliff On Sea W.M.S 09 9th production Setright built. 1948. 81121748 W.M.S 09 Unlike later W.M.S and E.N machines the early examples had DOG as a ticket class. 81121749 W.M.S 09 This machine was never used by W&D , just a test ticket. 81121750 MKI built up from various parts Not quite what it seems. This MKI was an E.N.O.C machine; number E 704 but I fitted it with parts from W.N.O.C 1203 including the printing plate because so many bits were missing 83410367 Ex railway Setright mk1 HCG36 Railway Setright mk1 original pre decimal machine number HCG36 with station names replacing fare stage numbers. 89184354 Sample ticket from HCG36 Sample ticket from my machine HCG 36 showing two examples of station names that can be printed. 89184355 Setright mk1 HCG36 This machine was my second machine I bought over 20 years ago, it came as a box of bits and that is how I learnt to rebuild and repair setrights. All the parts are in original condition nothing has been repainted only carefully cleaned and rebuilt. 89184356 95938007 95938008 Setright Ticket Machine in case Bears the reference: L760 Can anyone give me more info on this? 96018070 MKII, M559, origins unkown Acquired this one from my friend Robert E Jowitt, the well know transport author. General cleanup and replaced some missing parts like the cancelling punch and front button plus new ribbon. 96386105 German Setright. 97721025 Trambus Setright early 1920s. 98283369 Pre decimal Mk1 98283625 CSAD tickets Some tickets from Czechoslovakia. CSAD- Czechoslovak national car transport. 1949 - 1989. After 1989 CSAD go to privatization. 102454361 No 0270 One of first SMB-Mk II in Czechoslovakia from cca 1968-69. TM were numbered from 0001 to cca 16 600 between cca 1968 - 1995. Fare range from 0.00 up to 199.50 Ks in 0.50 Ks rises. 0.00 range is for drivers/dirigent, when he need test machine and when he need storno ticket. He print bad ticket, then next ticket must be print in 0.00. 102454362 No 0270 One of first SMB-Mk II in Czechoslovakia from cca 1968-69. TM were numbered from 0001 to cca 16 600 between cca 1968 - 1995. 102454363 E.N.O.C 002 . 109179291 109179292 109179293 109179294 W.N.O.C 001 109179295 W.N.O.C 001 109179296 Strome Ferry Setright SF4 - Pre Deimal. Recently sent to the T.M.W for repairs and un seizing,a very unusual machine as Setright fitted waterproof covers over the front and rear counters to stop any water entering the machine. 129759883 143015555 143015556 Setright S.RD Tote machine 1931 The inventor of the Setright was a Australian engineer called Henry Setright !,who first became involved in ticket machinery via race track tote machines in the early 1920s, and was said to have crafted his ticket machine manufacturing/design skills in France working with Julius on race track totaliser machines,before coming to the U.K to start production of the Setright ticket machine. The French/Julius connection with Setright can be seen in the French C.A.M.P ticket machine (pictured on this site) which was built in France under licence from Setright,the C.A.M.P and Setright machines have much in common with there design,although the C.A.M.P was much bigger !. 143015758 Setright S.RD Tote machine 1931 SETRIGHT-PARI. 143015759 Crosville Setright Machine No C3026 147726072 Bournemouth Corporation 169 This machine has a maximum fare of 24p and the stage number is changed by the knob at the top of the turret. 149568609 Bournemouth Corporation 169 Then and now. A genuine ticket issued from the machine whilst in service, together with one issued by myself. Stage number 4 was Bournemouth Square on most routes, hence the wear. 149568610 No. 10098 - Aldershot & District H34 My latest acquisition and it's a wonderful machine. Does anyone know the year of manufacture? 150085711 No. 10098 - Aldershot & District H34 I fitted a new ribbon yesterday and it prints like a new machine. Remember that these machines do NOT take the same ribbon as the Speeds. 150085712 Scadinavian Setright Unusual Setright with a time dial from 1 -23 and a outer dial with 1/4 1/2 3/4 The lever moves from 45 / 35 then a spring loaded clip ( next to the billetpris) allows the lever to move to X the windows are 35&45 ore enheder. Machine No 002 but with no serial No 174850353 174850354 198025737