More TICKET PUNCHES. More TICKET PUNCHES. WILLIAMSON ADVERT 27212262 L..C.C.T /L.T.P.B A TYPE PUNCH introduced 1919 Over 8000 were built at the L.C.C T ticket machine works,Brixton. designed by George Gibson (designer of the later Gibson A14 machine) 27212328 DAYS GONE BY SOUTHEND ON SEA The Williamson ticket punch can just be made out in this fine painting. 27212331 London Transport Cash bag & Punches 100072215 Selection of punches This is a selection of the machines & punches i have collected, i don't Know much about them or where they were used. I have also listed many other various machines from my collection. This began when i started looking for a Leigh Corporation machine years ago that I remember my late father working on. I now have 4 pre 4 post war leigh TIMs plus many others. 100072583