ALMEX TICKET MACHINES ALMEX TICKET MACHINES ALMEX A MACHINE (SWEDEN) A advanced ticket machine for its time when introduced in 1950 , designed by a British Engineer as documented in the "ticket machine forum "page 27219285 ALMEX A LONG RANGE This CROSVILLE example prints up to 99.99p,user instructions available from the introduction page of this site 27219286 ALMEX PDR MODEL These machines printed up to 99.99p and had a cassette installed in the rear of the machine for later inspection. 27219287 ALMEX E ALPHA CODED LONDON TRANSPORT was the largest user of these machines. Fitted to a motor drive unit for O.P.O use . 27219276 ALMEX E CONDUCTORS MACHINE LONDON TRANSPORT also used these machines with conductors on certain routes and were very popular with crews. 27219288 ALMEX A1 (EUROPE) These machines machines had a smaller ticket roll dispencer.this example is German. 27219277 ALMEX A1 VARIENT A disadvantage with this type of Almex a is more frequent ticket roll changes. 27219289 ALMEX M Used on O.P.O buses the "M" clipped a piece of inserted ticket.Requires 24v. 27219290 ALMEX MAGNET 27219278 PRINT PLATES Almex A print plates from different operators, 27219291 27219292 ALMEX F 27219279