GIBSON TICKET MACHINES GIBSON TICKET MACHINES 79607436 79607435 41333617 GIBSON THE GIBSON TICKET MACHINE HAS OVER 650 parts 41333629 41333621 MELBOURNE AUSTRALIA, GIBSON TICKET MANY THANKS TO IVAN JONES FOR SENDING IN THESE PICTURES FROM AUSTRALIA 41333619 41333624 41333626 41333627 GIBSON TICKET SOME GIBSONS PRINTED OVER 5 MILLION TICKETS WHILST IN SERVICE WITH L.T 41333628 MELBOURNE AUSTRALIA ,GIBSON Re inking of the machine was achieved from below the machine by sliding the door,British spec machines needed to be opened for re inking. 41333620 Melbourne Gibson This machine is owned by Ivan Jones,(AUS)many thanks for sending in this picture 41333630 GIBSON replacement (Wayfarer P.E.T.M Clipper) 41333631 Pre decimal Gibson ticket 41333632 T.E.L ticket This is not a Gibson ticket but from a T.E.L ticket machine that was tested as a possible replacement for the Gibson. Many thanks to Dave Harman for use of this picture. 79494150 79527896 79607434 79607437 79609502 79609503 79609504 Douglas Corporation Gibson Tickets Tickets printed today from an old Douglas IOM Corporation Gibson machine No 44. 85160353 Cypriot Gibson 88464188 Cypriot Gibson 88464189 Cypriot Gibson ticket 88464190 DOUGLAS CORP TRANSPORT Machine No 48. route 88 146090560 DOUGLAS GIBSON As can be seen it has another hatch underneath. 146090561 182768447 182768448 182768449 182768738 182768498 182768499 182768500 182768501 182769118